Vw Beetle Weddings

Great news - Beetle Drive UK are now available for wedding car hire in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex, incorporating our 21 window VW wedding bus, 'Casper', stretched Beetle limousine 'Mark', Herbie, the famous 'love bug' and 'Ronnie', our unmistakable pink splitscreen walk-through camper.

Brides and grooms - get in quick and reserve your funky VW wedding transport now in the new Beetle Drive UK coverage area.

Volkswagen wedding cars are the most unusual way to travel. Are you looking for that something different for your wedding? Beetle Drive UK are happy to tailor its service to your needs - no 'prob limo'! We specialise in Volkswagen wedding transport for couples and can customise our vehicles to make your wedding cars the ones that everybody remembers.