Ace Star Weddings

When people immigrate to a country, they always feel a particular affinity to their original homeland. They tend to take their culture more seriously as a way of finding something to hold on in a new uncertain world. Although many Asians in UK are now citizens having been born and brought up in the country, by and large the still follow their Asian culture meticulously. Asian weddings are therefore a good blend of tradition and modernity. The beauty and dancing in these weddings and in particular Indian weddings, is next to none. If you are organizing an Asian wedding, you need to have experts do your photography and video coverage. At the Ace Star, we are a team of specialist Asian wedding photographers covering all Indian weddings such as Sikh weddings, Punjabi weddings, Hindu weddings as well as Muslim weddings. As a leading wedding organisation, we also cover other weddings such as Christian and English weddings. We cater for both wedding photography and video coverage.